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Administrator & user experience
Create employer products Creating a recruitment product for employers is quiet easy with RX Job site. Either offer single job posting or a complex multi product bundle with multiple job posting, hot jobs, resume views, users etc topped up with logo branding & Micro site – RX provides you the flexibility you need to cater to your market.

Add admin users You can add multiple admin users for your team. You can then choose to give them admin or user privilege. Further, each user can be assigned privilege to access one or more module in the job site according to the nature of their assignment within your organisation.

Create clients and Add products to their account You can add clients from the admin panel, assign products to them (either from the prebuilt products menu or create custom offering for the client).

Activate and deactivate accounts You can activate or deactivate a client or candidate account any time. This helps you manage misuse of the site.

Offer Live support through Chat You can offer live support to employers through the inbuilt chat function in RX Job site. This feature helps employers solve their problems immediately and enhances your Job site’s value among employers.

Articles and Polls You can create and manage articles and polls in the job site. A poll is a good way to assess visitors’ views & also give them a feel of participation. In the articles you can offer valuable resources to job seekers. These features provide rich value addition to the job site & ensure repeat visits by job seekers.

Manage advertisements You can add advertisements for the home page from the admin control panel. You can sell this ad inventory directly to your customers.

Management Reports RX Job site offers you advanced reports on your Job site performance & also provides you a comparitive information of performance to help make informed decisions.