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Employers and Recruiters Experience
Create multiple accounts for each employer Employers can purchase multiple user licenses and create accounts for different users in their company. This feature helps organize activity and accountability among their users. Each user can be assigned privilege to access one or more module in the job site.

Job posting form Job posting form in RX Job site is dynamic. The Job description comes with html editor that helps employers design the Job description to attract maximum applicants. Jobs can be activated immediately or on a specified date. Deactivated Job can also be activated again against another job posting credit.

Multiple resume search options Employers can search resume using different search options – Instant search, Quick Search & Advanced search. The search results are displayed in a common page where results can be further filtered. RX Job site’s search engine provides full text capability with which employers can search for keywords within resume attached in various formats.

Manage response RX Job site is probably the first to offer a complete ATS within its Job site application. All responses received for a Job posting can be viewed and processed right here by employers. The status updates immediately reflects in the candidates page there by informing them of the progress of their resume.

Create recruitment process Every employer can create their unique Recruitment Process for their ATS in the Job site. This gives maximum flexibility to employers to adopt their own processes without having to migrate resume from the Job site to another ATS.

Create email templates Employers can create and save unlimited email templates and use any of them to communicate with Job seekers. They can share the templates among their users.

Save resume to folder Employers can create folders and save resume from search results to the folders for future reference.

Make personal notes Users can make personal notes in the notes section which is available only to them. This helps them organize better.

Live support RX Job site comes with a built in Chat system that can help offer Live support to employers.