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Inbuilt Payment Gateway
All you need to do is create employer products & save cost for the premium services for Job seekers. When a Job seeker or employer opts for suitable products, the amount is automatically calculated and request sent to PayPal payment gateway. PayPal’s secure gateway, then receives payment either from another PayPal account or through Master/Visa Credit cards & credits the amount to your PayPal account.
How can you apply for PayPal account?
Business account with PayPal is free! Create a free business account with PayPal & give the credentials to Recruitment Exchange during set up. You will automatically receive payments made online to your PayPal account from which you may transfer them to your Bank. Click here to create your Free PayPal Business account.
Paypal payment gateway
PayPal is the world no.1 online email id based payment gateway. You can accept payments on your Job site from other PayPal accounts, Visa or Master cards.