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In-built Income options
Income options from Employers Job Posting:
Job Posting is the primary revenue model for a Job board. You have the flexibility of charging per Job posting or a job posting pack & give a validity date till when these Job postings can be used (for example 10 jobs valid for one month).

Resume View:
Most of the Job boards don’t offer this option of charging per resume view. With RX Job site, you can create Resume view credits bundles & sell them to employers.

Employer Branding:
Employer Branding is the high paying revenue for a Job site. RX Job sites offer you multiple employer and Job branding options like:

Hot Jobs:
Hot Jobs are Job postings that are displayed in the home page of your Job site. This gives employers better visibility for their Jobs & usually better response.

Logo Branding:
Logo Branding is among the highest priced products in most Job sites. When an employer opts for Logo branding, their Logo will be displayed in the home of your Job site. This gives them excellent Brand recognition among users & helps identify them as a Top Employer.

Micro site:
RX Job site comes with in-built Micro site creating module for employers. You could offer 3 pages, 5 pages (or more) to Employers. They can create their Micro site pages to highlight companies’ people policies and benefits etc without any technical support from their control panel.

Product Bundling:
RX Job site offers you the flexibility of offering one or more products listed above as a bundle. For example, you could create a Platinum product bundle with Top Employer logo, 5 Hot Jobs, 50 Job postings & 1000 resume view credits & charge a price for this bundle.

Income from Premium services for Job seekers Though the main revenue for a Job site is from Employers, Job seekers could add substantial revenue for your Job site. RX Job site comes with the following revenue options from Job seekers

Resume Highlight:
Resume Highlight is an inbuilt feature in RX Job site. When a Job seeker subscribes for this feature, the Job seeker’s resume is displayed to employers in search results with a Premium icon in it. This helps grab attention of employers to the profile and enhances chances of getting hired.

Resume broadcasting:
This is an inbuilt feature where you can include Search firms, Recruitment consultants and Employment agencies to the list in admin module & broad cast the resume of a Job seeker who has opted for this service to all consultants in the list.

Resume Writing:
You could offer Job seekers with Resume writing service through the Job site. Many Job seekers opt for this service. Once a Job seeker opts for this service, their resume will be forwarded to you. You may write a Professional resume for the Job seeker and send it back. Please note that resume writing is a professional’s task. If you have the expertise, you can write the resume yourself. If not, we suggest you hire a professional certified resume writer.

To monetize better, RX offers you extended income opportunities.

Home Page Ads:
Provide ad slots in the home page & get direct advertisements for these ad slots. These ads can be managed from Admin Control Panel.

Google AdSense in Public Pages:
Choose to add AdSense or similar contextual advertisements for all your public pages in the Job site. These advertisements are usually Pay per click. We will include your AdSense or other agencies code one time in the public pages during set up.