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Jobseeker Experience
Profile builder The profile of Job seekers is build elegantly for employers’ viewing. Job seekers are informed of how the profile will look when an employer views their profile. This helps Job seekers present their best in the most appropriate way. Since every Profile is presented in a standard format, employers will find it easy to go through profiles in a short time.

Automatic Job alert RX Job site software automates Job Alerts for Job seekers if they choose to opt for it. They can create their preference rules based on experience, location & industry to ensure they get apt Job alerts. On Job posting, the auto match engine in RX Job site searches for Job seekers matching the position & automatically emails it to them.

Job sharing & social network sharing Viral marketing is very essential in today’s Web 2.0 world. Every Job in RX comes up with ‘Email to friend’ and ‘share this’ option. With the ‘share this’ option, job seekers can share the job in their social networks, blogs & other web sites. With ‘Email to friend’ option, they can email the Job to specific friend or group.

Dynamic Private settings Job seekers are always afraid to post resume online since their resume may be viewed by their current employer. In RX Job sites, job seekers can be 100% sure that their profile will not be available for Employers they block out. They can create rules to block certain employer or a group of employers (current or other HR from another Employer) from accessing their profile.

Job search RX Job site offers multiple options for Job seekers to get the Jobs they are looking for. Jobs can be viewed by Industry and Category. Additionally two Job search options – Basic search and advanced search are available for Job seekers to search for Jobs that they are looking for.

Personal notes Job seekers can make personal notes in the notes section which is available only to them. This helps them organize better.