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Our Web Servers
We deploy high end servers to ensure maximum protection for your data and a high speed delivery to ensure visitor satisfaction.
Raid 1 mirrored servers RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and is a computer data storage scheme that divides and replicates data among multiple hard disk drives. We use Raid 1 protection for our servers. RAID 1 uses two disks which each store the same data. This helps prevent data loss. If one disk goes down, your information will be saved on the other disk, so that none of your information will be lost.

High speed Bandwidth Dedicated 100 Mbps port speed to meet your high traffic needs. 100 MBit data connection means that our server can provide fast access to your visitors, experiencing no constraints or data collisions
Updates that would normally take several minutes can be completed in seconds.

Microsoft SQL Server To ensure optimum performance & high scalability, our Servers use SQL 2008 Enterprise clustered server.

Our servers are protected from Spam, Virus, Spyware & malware by various high quality products.