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RX Jobsite & Job board solution

RX Jobsite is a completely automated solution with Rich and simple User Interface & Dynamic functionalities. With this software, you can install & start working within a few hours. The site is fully Search Engine optimized & has very good Web 2.0 viral marketing tools inbuilt.

It has inbuilt Payment Gateway powered by PayPal for online purchase of products and services by candidates and employers.

RX Job site is fully loaded. Check out various features by clicking links in the Product Features menu in the left panel.

RX Job board software Very fast:
Completely store procedures & triggers driven

Keyword & Meta tag identified and included after exhaustive research. Includes static XML, RSS & HTML pages exclusively for SEO

Product Creation:
Admin can create products & display online without coding support

Dynamic Privilege settings for Admin & Employers:
Helps provide higher level of control & security for users within the site

Inbuilt ATS with Process customization:
This is a new feature which most of the jobsites across the globe don’t have. Employers can create their recruiment process manage their applications without migrating data to another ATS.

Easy Navigation:
Simple intuitive Navigation system helps simplify the user tasks and Enhances User experience

Web 2.0 elements:
Invite friends, Share with Social Network, Refer to friend, RSS & XML feeds are some of the viral marketing web 2.0 features that will help create traction for your business from within

HTML editor:
Used in Job Description, Email template and Articles pages, it helps rich and customized look and feel

Dynamic Micro-site:
Employers can create their own micro-site unlike in other site where developers and designers have to do this

Ajax Controls:
Enhances user experience and simplify their tasks

Live Support:
Live chat option in the site for Employers will help high level of customer satisfaction

Sub-user creation for Employers:
Now we can make companies purchase more licenses as multiple users can be permitted in our site.