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We constantly provide you with resources and information to understand the recruitment market and prepare for it.
Jobsite business – know it better!
Understanding the jobsite business, its income options & primary business purpose are very important before you start your own jobsite. We have compiled a short document about the Job site business. This should help you understand the business better.
Download PDF copy of Job site business - Know it better!

Job site functions:
Understanding the functions of a Job site is very important when you start one of your own. You may start out as a one person home based operations, but still you have to understand the scope of future growth.
Download PDF copy of Job site and job board functions

Market study:
Knowing the market to which you are planning to cater is essential to plan and strategize your sales and marketing campaigns. It is also very important to position your products, services and finalise on pricing.
Download this competition analysis template

Income calculator:
Income estimation is very critical for any business. This provides you with a clear target on what to achieve with the limitations of the market. Recruitment Exchange has created a simple Income estimator. This is an excel document in which you have to fill in your estimates & you will automatically get the income per month and annual income estimates.
Download the Income estimator tool (in MS excel format)

Organization structure in a large Job site:
When you are planning a successful business, long term vision and goals are important. For this you need to understand the typical organisation structure in a Job site company. You may tune up the structure according to your individual need.
Download organisation structure for a typical job site company (PDF format)