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Value addition with RX Job site
When you offer something more, your visitors are happier. RX Job site offers a host of value added features.
Articles Create rich articles in the admin panel that help Job seekers find better Jobs. Try to write your own article or hire someone to write original content. Address problems job seekers in the niche you are catering may face. Good articles are an excellent way for search engine optimization.

Expert Opinions While you create articles, you can choose to write an information article or an expert opinion. Primarily when you want to pass credit of the article to an individual since the view may not be common; you can use expert opinion where you can capitalize on experts’ credentials with your job seekers.

Polls Conducting regular and periodic polls among visitors is a proven way of increasing visitor loyalty. It offers a sense of participation among the visitors. You may use the poll results to understand the visitors better.

Live support RX Job site comes prebuilt with a simple Live Support (Chat) function. Users can offer instant support to employers through the Chat system. This is a Support Chat & Employers can only communicate with admin users.