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SEO with RX Job site software
Search Engine Optimization helps attract a large visitor pool for your Job site. RX Job site is optimized for maximum search engine reach and rankings.
Meta tag research and inclusion Meta-tags are the most critical Search engine optimization content. Titles, Keyword, description, classification are some of the meta-tags. Recruitment SEO team helps research meta-tags and create them to optimize search engine ranking.

Search engine and Directory submission Search Engine and Directory submission is another key method adopted today to optimize for search engines. Recruitment Exchange, as part of the set up submits your Job site to 30 top search engines and directories.

Inbuilt SEO Search engines love content. And when it is presented in a way they like, you have a winner. That is what RX Job site does. With a clear crawl path from Home to Job description page, the search engine is likely to consume most of the Jobs in the site. Every Job is available in HTML, RSS & XML formats for easy consumption for search engines.