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Why RX Job site Solution
Fully loaded Job site and Job board software RX Job site software comes fully loaded. Today, to succeed in the Job board market, the basic features available in other job sites wouldn’t be enough. You require much more. RX job site offers you some very advanced functions and differentiators that is compelling & unique.
- Inbuilt customizable ATS for every client
- Articles and News
- Polls
- Live Support through Chat
- RSS & XML self service feeds
- Advanced privacy settings for Job seekers
- Privilege settings for multiple user employer account

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Deploy quickly With advanced features pre-built, deploying your Job site with RX can be done in fraction of the time & cost when compared to customized development. Even for Job sites requiring major customization, the pre-built platform will help reduce overall cost and time to develop substantially.

Powerful admin control panel You can manage the entire Job site from your admin control panel. With RX job site, you can customize the Job site to meet your requirement with minimum technical intervention or code writing. Check out more of the various admin features>>

RX offers you multiple income options to ensure you make the most of your Job site. More >>

Proven solution With many successful companies currently using RX Job site solution, the product is a tried and tested one. There is minimum possibility for technical issues such as errors or bugs. Check out a partial list of customers using RX Job site.

Unparalleled Technical support Your job site is backed by an expert technical team of Recruitment Exchange that supports you overcome technical issues quickly & efficiently.

Recruitment Exchange offers you a variety of options to start your job site. You could purchase a perpetual license, opt for SaaS or choose BaaS, your choice is unlimited. Check out pricing options to know more.