Jobsite Features

For Jobseekers

  • Register

  • Create Profile (complete form), attach resume and photo

  • Search Jobs

  • Create Job alerts

  • Get Job alerts by email

  • Apply for Jobs

  • Get emails from recruiters

  • View Jobs applied for

For Recruiters

  • Post Jobs (Premium and regular)

  • Register

  • Add other recruiters

  • View response for Jobs

  • Get applications along with resume attachment by email

  • Edit Jobs, deactivate Jobs

  • Feature Logo & opt for branding opportunities

  • Search, view, and download resume, add jobseekers to folder, email profile to colleagues & Jobseekers

For Admin

  • Add recruiters, clients and admin users

  • Assign privilege to users

  • Add products to clients

  • View reports and statistics

  • Manage news and articles

  • Manage master data including sectors, qualification, countries

  • Manage Jobseekers

  • Add content to static pages