Why Recruitment Exchange?


Recruitment Exchange is a proven platform which currently supports successful job boards like,

  • GotoGulf network – for more than 6 years

  • Devnet group – for more than 8 years


GotoGulf jobsite platform uses 500 GB website data, 350 GB of database & 3000 GB bandwidth. Still the platform is demanding for more.


Server & OS: Latest generation Windows server updated periodically, Spam filters, Anti-virus software that continuously monitors for virus attacks, Active server monitoring for downtimes

Application: Encrypted password, Parameterised imports and exports, Stored Procedures

Data farm: High quality data farms with excellent network, security and safety


  • Over a million members

  • Gets over 20,000 page-views

  • Sends out over 300,000 emails

  • Gets 200 job postings

  • Gets around 10,000 job applications

  • Concurrent users


Device friendly websites compatible with any devices like,

  • Mobile

  • Tablets

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Other Large Screen Moniters

6Feature rich & user friendly

Jobseekers: Register, search jobs, get job alerts, apply for Jobs & get emails from recruiters

Recruiters: Post Jobs, Register, track applications, shortlist Jobseekers, send email

Admin users: Manage operations, View reports & site statistics

7Multiple monetizing opportunities

  • Premium Membership for Jobseekers

  • Branding opportunities

  • Resume access

  • Premium Jobs

  • 3rd party advertisement slots